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Brescia underground

Brescia the Castle

Discovering the vaults of Brescia Castle

The Associazione Speleologica Bresciana organises guided tours for individuals or groups and educational visits for school groups to the vaults, tunnels, towers and bastions of the castle. There are different itineraries to choose from, some easier and more accessible, others more adventurous involving caving, but always in complete safety.
Large groups may book visits any day of the year, whereas individual or family bookings, or groups of fewer than 15 persons may be made exclusively on Saturdays or Sundays, as published on the Association’s site.

For information and bookings:

Associazione Speleologica Bresciana
Tel. 338 7766622
Fax. 338 0 7766622

Brescia Underground

There are numerous watercourses under the city, ancient canals and historical rogge systems: a secret labyrinth waiting to be discovered together with the Associazione Brescia Underground. The Brescia Underground Association organises spellbinding guided and educational visits into the bowels of the city to discover the secret side of Brescia, a unique journey full of exciting surprises.

For information and bookings:
Associazione Brescia Underground