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Brescia, the Castle

Visiting Brescia with your children is easy and amusing!
The city, with its condensed historic centre, can be visited on foot. If you prefer to relax and let your children have some fun, hop on the bandwagon of … the underground train! Your children will feel like they are really driving the train: from the seats in the front of the carriage you can see the whole route (all tunnels are illuminated). Also the surrounding views, when the train resurfaces sometimes even on flyovers, allow seeing the city from a different point of view.

Brescia is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List with its Capitolium and Santa Giulia. You cannot miss the opportunity to visit them, and with your children the experience will be even more exciting.
The largest archaeological area in the North of Italy, the Foro Romano (Roman Forum) of Brescia, includes a temple dedicated to the Capituline triad of gods (Jupiter, Juno and Minerva), from the Imperial era (73-74 AD), the theatre nearby, which cavea can host up to 15,000 spectators, some remains of the forum along the square that bears the same name – see the engraved stone chessboard on the floor! – an archaeological tour in the dungeons of Palazzo Martinengo (entrance from Piazza del Foro 6) and one in the Basilica Romana, which today hosts the offices of Soprintendenza, in Piazza Labus. To know more , see the video:
In the first room of the Capitolium, every day at 4 p.m. opens the multimedia exhibition about day and night rituals: “I riti del giorno e della notte”. This documentary will make children plunge into the magic atmosphere of the Capitolium temple at the time of the Roman Brixia. 
At Museo di Santa Giulia remember to ask at the ticket office for the “Arte in scatola” box, a very useful kit for children to help them visit the museum on their own, bringing with them all the masterpieces they produce, on the blueprint of those exhibited in the museum. Santa Giulia also includes the splendid Viridarium garden, created according to the principles of the Roman gardens of flowers and fruits, an oasis to relax and enjoy some fresh air after a visit to the museum. 
From October to May, every fourth Saturday of the month, Santa Giulia opens with “Museo in famiglia”, a busy schedule of events supported by our specialised guides for children from 5 to 11 years old, accompanied by at least one family member. Check the full programme on:

In a castle in the woods…
…up on a hill in the middle of Brescia, easily accessible on foot (but also by car, in only a few minutes, the parking is free) there lies the favourite spot for children: a maze of secret passages, galleries, drawbridges, and towers, Brescia  Castle is made for adventure. For more info and the map of the Castle, click here.
Inside the Castle, there are splendid museums, designed also for children: the museum of ancient arms, Marzoli, where you can see real armours, swords, helmets and halberds. Then Museo del Risorgimento with numerous historic objects: uniforms, flags, coins, coaches, large paintings, and also the original poncho used by Giuseppe Garibaldi!
The speleological association in Brescia organises in the Castle, every Saturday afternoon or any other day upon booking, a visit to the towers and the dungeons of the Castle, perfect for families with children attending primary school: all you need is a pair of sneakers and a bag full of enthusiasm! 
If you visit the Castle on Sunday, you will see – free of charge – the large train plastic model with working trains (in the "Piccolo Miglio"), but if you prefer astronomy there is the Specola Astronomica Cidnea and its telescope scrutinizing the sky every Friday at 9 p.m., a real treat to the eye!

Brescia is the city of the famous vintage car race 'MilleMiglia'.
In May, for a day only, the city is transformed to host the exhibition of the most beautiful vintage cars in the world, in the historic square of Brescia centre. On the night when the race starts, in Viale Venezia, the cars race to reach Rome, then back to Brescia (MilleMiglia is the distance covered by the race), in three days. If you have never seen "the most beautiful race in the world", stop by Museo Mille Miglia di Brescia: a rich collection of vintage cars presented through pictures, movies, and objects representing a moment in the Italian history of culture and customs from 1927 to 1957.

A small aquarium in the Park…
Only a few steps away from Santa Giulia and the historic centre you can find Parco dell'Acqua. This is a public park with the headquarters of Ambienteparco scientific centre, which offers a series of permanent exhibitions about the water cycle, on energy, the environment, and scientific subjects in general. The park also offers, apart from different botanic species (with a splendid 200-year-old beech tree), a small pond with freshwater local species, which can also be admired from an underwater tunnel. 

Which is the name of that mountain overlooking Brescia to the east, just above the Castle?
It is the Maddalena, the “mountain of Brescia citizens”, which is an ideal panoramic spot with its 874 metres: you can see Garda lake, the Apennines, the Monte Rosa...and in the sunniest days your sight can even wander further on. Maddalena is always busy with families, all the year round, for a barbecue (in dedicated spots) or a walk in the wood looking for fruits or chestnuts. You can reach the top of the mountain in only few minutes by car, driving on Via Panoramica: halfway through it, in San Gottardo village, there is path no.7 (about 1 hour and 30 minutes on foot); on the top of the mountain there is a small church dedicated to Maddalena, and also the circular path no. 13 (about 1 hour). See also our Green routes. Do not forget to wear comfortable trekking shoes!