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Getting around if you have a physical disability

Getting Around

By Car
Limited Traffic Access Area (ZTL)
Brescia city centre, roughly speaking the area within the inner ring road formed by Via Vittorio Emanuele II, Via dei Mille, Via Calatafimi, Via Leonardo da Vinci, Via Turati and Via Spalto San Marco, is a limited traffic access area, entrance to which is restricted to residents. Access is garanteed to visitors who need to reach a hotel where they have a booking; in this case, all visitors have to give their car number plate details to the hotel reception. If you have a disabled symbol you can obtain free entrance to the ZTL, even if you don't have any hotel reservation. What to do:
- call the number +39 030 3061115 
- or send an email to
- or send a fax to the number +39 030 3061119.
Application can be made before or within 48 hours of your first entry into  the ZTL area. In the application, please include your car number plate details, your name, surname, your social security disabilty  number, its expiry date and the city or administration that released it. You should also communicate the exact date of you first entry into the ZTL area. To see the ZTL site click here.
A few places reserved for the disabled are available at parking bays with meter and in car parks (indicated with yellow lines on the ground and special sign boards). Parking is always free of charge: it is free in the spaces reserved for the disabled (yellow lines), but also in the spaces subject to payment (blue lines). The disabled symbol must be displayed in all cases. To see the car park list visit the website of Bresciamobilita
By bus
Most city buses are equipped with a flat car deck and a space reserved for a wheelchair; look for a blue disabled symbol on the bus front. 
By Taxi
The Radiotaxi Brixia company can offer two special vans for the disabled, with an electronic platform to board every kind of wheelchair. The special vans are available upon request at the normal taxi rates: tel. + 39 030 35111. For further information please visit
Car rental 
Rolfi tel. +39 030 963181 - Fax +39 030 9964226
Disabled car rental and technical assistance