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The Tourist Guides’ recommendations

Brescia Piazza della Loggia

The tourist guides of Brescia and its province are tourism professionals who will not only accompany you on your visit to the city, its monuments and main museums, but can also organise “tailored” visits for every need: literary or musical, patriotic itineraries, or tours dedicated to particular events or personalities of our city (Brescia boasts the title of the Leonessa d’Italia, i.e. the Lioness of Italy). And of course, itineraries involving the wines and foods of the area are also included! You can safely put yourself in their experienced hands.

At Infopoint Centro, for individuals or small groups, it is also possible to book a guided tour to the city or to Santa Giulia Museums, in Italian and/or English. Tours are organised over the weekend by Brescia tourist guides.

Following is a list of the Guide companies and association that work in Brescia, together with an attached PDF file with a list of the individual professional tour guides. 

ArteconNoi S.r.l. via Cassala, 30 Brescia tel. + 39 3342529346
Associazione Arnaldo da Brescia Via XXV Aprile, 18 Brescia  tel. e fax  + 39 03047660,  fax  +39 030292126 cell. +39 3474122750, + 39 3355422799
Associazione Brescia Guide Piazzetta Tito Speri, 8 Brescia cell.  +39 3478528394, + 39 3477138502
Associazione Bresciastory Via Carini, 4 Brescia tel.  + 39 340 5084747  fax + 39 0308374154
Associazione GardaGuide Viale Piave, 12 Brescia tel. + 39 3477491452 fax + 39 045575612

Assoguide Sebino Via Donatori di Sangue, 47 Capriolo (BS) tel. + 39 3336812758 - + 39 3356144307

Guida Artistica via Corfù n.72 Brescia - tel. 3473028031 - 3473735785

Il Mosaico S.n.c. Via Gasparo da Salò 46 -  Brescia tel. 347 8831629