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Twin towns

Twinnings are cooperation activities between local bodies from different countries.

In September 1997, the Committee on Culture and Education of the European Parliament formally declared that twinning activities are essential for the integration of European citizens, also by recognising their key political achievements and their undeniable role in raising awareness and calling to action local representatives, with the aim of involving citizens.
When speaking of ‘European’ twinning, the stress is on its creative role of the European Union through the human dimension, with indissoluble links of fraternity and joint cooperation based on a public act signed by the Representatives of Municipalities, Infra-municipal bodies and Regions on behalf of citizens, who are the protagonists in exchanges at all levels. 
Direct relationships among peoples from different countries determine a reciprocal acquaintance and a growing trust – for individuals or groups of people – that lead their communities of origin to achieve a common aim, while at the same time preserving their specific qualities. By promoting unity in diversity, twinning activities help to overcome any kind of prejudices. They tend to raise general awareness towards common European values which, along with those of other civilizations, contribute to the dissemination of solidarity in all continents and peace around the world. 

Brescia is currently twinned with the cities of  Darmstadt in Germany, Logroño in Spain and  Bethlehm in Palestine.