Comune di Brescia tourism website: useful information about what to see and where to go.

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What to do in the city

Brescia by night

Theatre, music, cinema and ballet, all this and more is offered by the city and its surrounding areas. You can obtain information on the events by consulting the relative Events pages. Brescia is the city where the Teatro Grande was founded by the Accademia degli Erranti over 400 years ago. Read all about it…

The Tourist Guides’ recommendations
You can visit Brescia on your own, or you can choose to take part in one of the tours recommended by the Tourist Guides, who arrange daily or periodical tours of the city and the surrounding areas. Read all about it…

Brescia underground
For more adventurous tours, the inside of the towers and tunnels of the Castle of Brescia, as well as the underground canals and acequia systems may be visited, providing the visitor with a different view from the urban development and monuments normally seen. Read all about it…

Shops, markets and shopping malls
The visitor is spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping in Brescia. The historical centre is a large open shopping mall, with historical shops, boutiques, department stores and designer stores, often open all day nonstop. To find the best store for your needs, consult the Distretto Urbano del Commercio site at, where Tempo Libero section contains information on the many festivals and fairs held in Brescia throughout the year.
There is a market (food and other products) in Piazza della Loggia every Saturday morning, while in the Quadriportico of Piazza Vittoria there is an antiques market every second Sunday of the month (except July and August). Close to the historical centre there is the Centro Frecciarossa, a modern shopping mall with many stores, fast-food restaurants and a multiplex cinema:
Shopping bargain enthusiasts can visit the Outlet Franciacorta, just a few kilometres outside Brescia:

Locations and events: to do and watch sport Brescia. Read all about it…