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Wine and Food

Brescia, selection of cheese and other typical products

On his arrival in Brescia, the visitor will find himself confronted with many different dishes. The size and diversity of the area give rise to highly different foods, according to the raw materials provided by each area of the vast Brescia province that embraces the plains, the lakes and the Alpine valleys.

The Brescia restaurants recommended by Wine and Food Guides

A list of restaurants, trattorias, pizzerias and bars serving food located in the historical centre of the city may be found in PDF format herebelow.

The Brescia cuisine

Spit-roasted meats, beef in oil, game and sausages: these are the stars of the Brescia countryside. The lake districts, on the other hand, have developed a culinary tradition centred on fish. Carps, trout and eels can be found side by side the more famous dishes of baked stuffed tench, and aole, which are dried in the sun and then grilled. Polenta, which was once the daily meal of simple folk, is now considered an excellent side dish for meat and fish dishes, and for the cheeses of the valleys such as the Bagòss, the formagella di Tremosine and the Rosa Camuna. First course dishes such as the Casoncelli, or Casonsèi, large ravioli with stuffing of eggs, cheese, spinach or meat, are indicative of the gastronomical influence of the nearby provinces. Brescia also excels as the land of vines, which have been cultivated in the area since Roman times and have made the Brescia area the second most important wine producer in Lombardy.

The Brescia wines routes

Franciacorta, the king of bubbles, enjoys high standing and renown and is the first classic Italian sparkling wine method to have obtained the D.O.C.G. label (Controlled Designation of Origin Guaranteed). Other D.O.C. (Controlled Designation of Origin) wines of the area are the wines of Garda, Franciacorta, Botticino, Cellatica and Capriano del Colle, produced on the hills above Brescia. Read all about it…