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Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie

Fri, 19/10/2012 - 15:39 -- Camilla
Brescia, church of Santa Maria delle Grazie

The Oratorian Friars began building the church in 1522 and gave it a simple facade embellished by a magnificent portal from the order's old church , which had been destroyed by demolition work carried out in the Venetian period to clear the area of Borgo Pile. The stone portal, decorated in Lombard style of the second half of the XV century, still has the wooden doors made by Filippo Morari of Cremona dated 1490. The interior has a nave and two aisles and is sumptuously decorated with plaster work  and about 350 frescos in late mannerist  to early baroque style. 

Among the paintings in the church are important works by Pietro Rosa, Alessandro Maganza, Moretto, Francesco Maffei and Francesco Giugno.In the chapel at the end of the aisle on the left there is an early XV-century, wooden crucifix over the altar. A pretty cloister with a fountain in the middle with a statue by Sante Calegari connects the basilica to the sanctuary, built where the XIV century church dedicated to the Nativity of Mary once stood. Its appearance today is the result of its reconstruction in XV century style by the architect Antonio Tagliaferri in 1876, and of the frescos by Modesto Faustini and Cesare Bertolotti. Do not miss the Natività of the school of Foppa over the altar.

Via Grazie, 13