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The Corn Market

Tue, 23/10/2012 - 11:04 -- Chiara
Piazzale Arnaldo and the Granarolo

"The Granarolo", so-called because up until the end of the XIX century it was used as a corn market, is built of undressed, white Botticino stone. It was designed by Angelo Vito and Luigi Basiletti  and finished in 1823. It is simply styled and shows neo-classical elegance in its rounded arches and central pediment; it is flanked by two drinking fountains set in niches and has a large, central, arched firebreak.The two small arcades opposite each other near the traffic lights were built at the beginning of the XIX century as customs posts, to replace the demolished Torrelunga gate, which was the way into and out of the city on the road going east towards Venice.


Piazzale Arnaldo