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La Bella Italia

Tue, 21/11/2017 - 11:32 -- Laura
Statue of La Bella Italia, Brescia

The Memorial to the fallen of the “Ten Days” of Brescia is in the place where, until 1797, the high column with the lion of Venice stood as a symbol of Venetian domination of the town, and where death sentences were executed.
The monument is in memory of the popular insurrection against Austrian domination which started exactly in this square on the 23rd March 1849. Due to the ten days of its heroic resistance Brescia was granted the name of Lioness of Italy.
The statue was sculpted in 1864 in Botticino stone by the sculptor Giovanni Battista Lombardi and represents Italy in the form of a young woman proudly holding a laurel wreath and embracing the flag. For this reason the statue is known as Bella Italia (Beautiful Italy).
The female figure stands on a high base, chiselled with four bas-reliefs representing the terrible facts of those days: the beginning of the town insurrection – the fighters close to Porta Venezia (Venice Door) – the executions of the arrested insurgents – the victims’ funerals. 
This has been the first monument dedicated to Risorgimento (Resurgence: historical period which led to Italian unification) in town, the images had the aim to spread the memory of the historical facts the monument was dedicated to.
The highest part of the base has two inscriptions: the one on the back reminds that the statue was donated to the town by Victor Emmanuel II; the one on the front has a dedication to the people of Brescia “revolted against Austrian tyranny”.

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Also knows as LA BELL’ITALIA (Beautiful Italy)
Piazzetta X giornate
Author Giovanni Battista Lombardi
Botticino stone