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Mille Miglia Museum

Tue, 11/06/2013 - 12:13 -- Laura
Brescia, Museo Mille Miglia

The initiative to launch a museum dedicated to the Freccia Rossa was conceived and brought to fruition by the Association Museo delle Mille Miglia Città di Brescia, incorporated in December 1996 by the Brescia entrepreneurs Amici della Mille Miglia. Today the Association has 50 members. The new museum was opened to the public on November 10, 2004. The initiative entailed the restructuring of the monastery complex of Sant’Eufemia, which is owned by the City of Brescia, providing the opportunity of recovering a building of great archaeological, historical and architectural value that had been left in decline for many years. The location of the Museum in a site of such historical significant is totally different from all the other automobile museums: The Museo Mille Miglia conserves a history, relates a myth, and day after day provides a live testimony to a period of our past.

The aim of the Museum was not to be just an archive, but to provide a reconstruction of a cultural sports event together with a history of Italy. Thanks to the contribution of private collectors and the collaboration of other historical car museums, including the Mercedes-Benz Museum with which a collaboration agreement was signed, the Museo Mille Miglia has been able to include the crown jewels of the automobile industry in its exhibitions.
The vehicles on loan to the Museum are exhibited in settings that recall the historical period and era of the particular race. As well as the exhibition, the Museum offers other services directly offered by the Association, such as the leasing of meeting rooms and the Taverna Mille Miglia restaurant. There are many companies from Brescia and the whole of Italy that organise meetings, workshops and conferences in a location that combines the historical charm of the building with the technological innovation of the rooms.
The Museo Mille Miglia also houses the historical archives of racing, the Archivio Storico, with about one hundred and thirty thousand documents (registration forms, newspaper articles and letters) of Renzo Castagneto and his staff. All the documents have been scanned and uploaded and can now be accessed digitally via a search engine. The Archivio Storico is available to researchers, professionals and enthusiasts. 
During the last few years, the Museo Mille Miglia has seen an important growth in all sectors and is gaining more and more visibility both nationally and internationally.


Via della Rimembranza, 3 (c/o il Monastero di S.Eufemia)