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National Museum of Photography

Fri, 07/03/2014 - 11:25 -- Laura
National Museum of Photography

The Cinefotoclub National Museum of Photography (founded in 1953) preserves a rich heritage of vintage photographs and cinema memorabilia. Its 8,000 pieces tell the story of photography from 1826 to the digital era, and the history of movie making from amateurs to professionals.
The Archive holds over 60,000 photographs: from glass panes to negatives, from prints to slides, to digital software. A very important section is the exhibition dedicated to photographs in single copy: daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, ferrotypes.
The specialized Library offers over 8,000 volumes on photography and cinematography. The Museum hosts temporary exhibitions of national and international artists, organizes photographic contests, photography courses and organizes meetings dedicated to the history of photography and movie making.


Vicolo S. Faustino, 2