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Palazzo Martinengo

Tue, 11/06/2013 - 12:27 -- Laura
Brescia, Palazzo Martinengo

Palazzo Martinengo is an aristocratic building located on the crossing between Via Musei, an ancient Roman road, and Piazza del Foro, where the Martinengo Cesaresco family settled in the 16th century. The severe façades of the two main parts of the building towards Via Musei and Piazza del Foro were designed in the 17th century according to the typical style of the previous century, traces of which can be found on the inside. Through the different structures of the various periods that can still be seen in the underground rooms of the building, the visitor can witness the complex building processes that the area had been subjected to between the iron age and the middle ages, with the 16th century building then built within a completely different urban plan and a different floor level.

There are not many other places in Brescia where the visitor can get such a clear idea of the archaeological stratifications and the history of the city. From the current Piazza del Foro through the underground corridors of the building he can make a journey back through almost three thousand years. He is invited to make the journey, and to overcome the inevitable difficulties placed in front of him by the rubble of the ancient ruins. The visitor is required to make a vertical reading of the archaeological evidence in front of him, rather than a horizontal one, which enables him to capture the different time periods deposited one after the other throughout time in one fell swoop.


Via dei Musei, 32