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Palazzo Salvadego

Tue, 11/06/2013 - 13:45 -- Laura
Brescia, Palazzo Salvadego

Upon entering Via Dante Alighieri, an ancient road rich in aristocratic buildings that unfortunately were damaged during the 2nd world war bombings, at number 17 we find the Palazzo Martinengo di Padernello, today Salvadego, the grandest private residence in Brescia. Its construction took such a long time that it was called “il palazzo della fabbrica” (the factory building).

First built in the 15th century on a 13th century site, it was later rebuilt by Giovan Battista and Antonio Marchetti in the 18th century. After the war the area was rebuilt following the fierce air bombings of March 2, 1945. The pressure wave caused by the explosion unfortunately damaged a unique series of frescoes attributed to Moretto that covered the entire room, called  Saletta delle Nobili Dame o del Moretto, making restoration necessary. The room was decorated all over, the walls, the vault and the vaulting ribs, and it had been renowned for its magnificence from the beginning.
It was commissioned by Gerolamo Martinengo da Padernello on the occasion of his wedding with Eleonora Gonzaga, celebrated on February 4, 1543. The charming room with its elegant and dignified atmosphere is decorated with pictures of the Martinengo gentlewomen, with half-length figures partly immersed in the vast landscape that acts as background. The building is today headquarters to a private theatre club, and bookings are required for visits: Tel. +39 030 40530