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Pallata Tower

Wed, 29/04/2015 - 15:37 -- Anonimo (not verified)
Brescia, Pallata Tower

One of the city symbols, the tower was built in 1248 and is rated amongst the Middle Ages most important monuments. Constructed using remains of Roman buildings along the pre-existing medieval walls in order to protect the so called “San Giovanni” door, the tower is 31 meters high and has a 10.6 meters square plan. It carried out the function of municipal treasure storage, rationing warehouse, and prison too. The bell area was added in the XV century, while in the XVI century the fountain in Via Pace was embedded in its base. It had been designed by Pietro Maria Bagnatore and then carried out in 1596 by Antonio Carra. The statues represent the Brescia allegories, armed and holding a cornucopia, and the two rivers Garza and Mella.


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