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Piazza del Mercato

Mon, 22/10/2012 - 14:59 -- Chiara
Piazza del Mercato
This square has been the site of a market since 1428, when the small business activities of the area were grouped together there.
The west side is dominated by the elegant, baroque façade of the Palazzo Martinengo Palatino (XVIIth century) with its raised central section. Nowadays the building houses the University Chancellor's office.
The plain buildings with their arcade were built to the design of the architect Lodovico Beretta in the mid-VIth century.
The little church of Santa Maria del Lino was designed by the architect Pietro Maria Bagnadore in 1608. The simple, façade, with a triangular tympanum, faces east.
The XIXth-century fountain in the middle of the square is surmounted by a statue of a boy with a cornucopia, leaning upon a dolphin.