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Piazzetta Curt dei Pulì

Wed, 23/09/2015 - 12:03 -- Laura
Brescia, Piazzetta Curt dei Pulì

According to tradition a member of the Polini noble family, after dueling against one of the Savoia, was forced to leave Piedmont to settle in Brescia. Here, he bought some houses in Via Rossovera and Corso Mameli, which form the so called “Corte dei Polini”. Other documents report that the owner of these houses was a pelt merchant called Cristoforo Polini, whose descendants built in the 18th century the palace bearing their same name in Via Moretto. The surrounding houses (with a large 'altana' -or covered terrace- on top of one of them) have a series of windows overlooking the courtyard, a portico with five segmental arches, Ionic capitals and groin vaults. There are also two fountains: one, shared by the whole community, used to feed water to animals in the Middle Ages, and another in Neoclassical style on the wall.