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The building on the northern side of Piazza Labus, which preserves the remains of Brescia Roman origins, was founded in the 17h century. In this period the building was renovated, and were also reorganised all the architectural elements from the Middle Ages that covered the then degraded Roman remains, still clearly recognizable on the palace façade. The systematic archaeological excavations carried out between 1993 and 1998 in the surrounding area brought to light large excerpts of the indoor and outdoor marble floor decorations of the Roman basilica and of the Forum from the period of Augustus. Despite the fact that these findings are fragmentary, it is possible to trace the outline of the architectural and decorative pattern of the large public building, destined to the most important civil activities of the community, among which the administration of justice. During the Flavian dynasty the basilica enclosed the southern side of the Forum as a sort of monumental entrance, linking with the side porticoes, counterbalancing the Sanctuary to the north.

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