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Brescia, Palazzo Salvadego

Upon entering Via Dante Alighieri, an ancient road rich in aristocratic buildings that unfortunately were damaged during the 2nd world war bombings, at number 17 we find the Palazzo Martinengo di Padernello, today Salvadego, the grandest private residence in Brescia. Its construction took such a long time that it was called “il palazzo della fabbrica” (the factory building).

Brescia, church of San Cristo

The church belongs to a monastic complex which was built at the end of the 15th century on the ruins of previous religious buildings overlooking the Roman Theatre.

Brescia, church of San Clemente

The church was completely restored between the end of the 16th century and 1471. In 1517 the Dominicans took possession of the monastery and gave it a magnificent appearance.

Brescia church of San Francesco d'Assisi

This is one of the finest examples of convent churches in Italy. Its simple, unadorned style reflects the quietness and serenity typical of Franciscan life. The church, which was finished in 1265, is in late-Romanesque style.

Brescia, church of Santa Maria delle Grazie

The Oratorian Friars began building the church in 1522 and gave it a simple facade embellished by a magnificent portal from the order's old church , which had been destroyed by demolition work carried out in the Venetian period to clear the area of Borgo Pile. The stone portal, decorated in Lombard style of the second half of the XV century, still has the wooden doors made by Filippo Morari of Cremona dated 1490. The interior has a nave and two aisles and is sumptuously decorated with plaster work  and about 350 frescos in late mannerist  to early baroque style. 

Brescia, San Giovanni Evangelista

The church was founded in the 4thcentury by San Gaudenzio, Bishop of Brescia, rebuilt between 1440 and 1447 and then altered in the 17thcentury.

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