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Film Commission

Brescia is an extraordinary film set, thanks to the variety of landscapes of its area, the monumental heritage in its historical centre, the remnants of an industrial past and the contemporary architecture of the new business districts.
Significant Italian movies have been shot in Brescia, such as “Il Magnifico Cornuto” (by Antonio Pietrangeli – 1964, starring Claudia Cardinale and Ugo Tognazzi; “La Polizia sta a guardare” by Roberto Infascelli – 1973, starring Enrico Maria Salerno and Jean Sorel; “Uova di Garofano” by Silvano Agosti– 1991, with Lou Castel; “Quando sei nato non puoi più nasconderti” by Marco Tullio Giordana – 2005, with Alessio Boni).
In addition to this large-scale film production, a considerable activity in filmmaking has been taking place in Brescia for several years, with long-established companies and young authors offering new projects. On this basis, in 2007 the Municipality of Brescia opened Cinema Nuovo Eden, a cultural centre in the Carmine quarter, one of the most interesting areas of the city centre; among various activities, Cinema Nuovo Eden fosters the works of emerging local filmmakers.
One of the most significant events is Filmlabfestival (FLABF), an international short films festival, privately founded and since 2010, co-sponsored by Cinema Nuovo Eden, the festival venue.
Since 2009, the City Tourism Department of Comune di Brescia, member of FLABF, has been organizing "Brescia da girare – promuovi la tua città in un clip" a promo films competition inside the festival, encouraging young filmmakers to re-discover the city and, at the same time, promoting Brescia as a tourist destination. Promoting destinations via film tourism is a growing phenomenon for both national and international tourism, and for this reason, the City Council has decided to set up a commission to support the film industry.

The Brescia Film Commission supports and helps television, film and advertising companies filming in the city.

The main services offered by the Film Commission are as follows:
1. logistics assistance during shooting (authorizations and operational support)
2. request forms
3. exemption from local fees
4. counsel for public locations; mediation for private locations
5. accommodation search for the film crew

Brescia Film Commission is a Tourism Department service  
030 297-7353/7434